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Mining Engineers Society of Kenya
Keiway Minig & Technology College

The scope of this event is "New Mining Technologies, Minerals Production, Mines Reclamation & Rehabilitation, and Mining Workforce Development".

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Mining Technology: Introduce, Inform, Expose

Kenya is poised to become one of the region's emerging mining economies. Over the last decade, the amount of minerals extracted and exploited has been increasing. Keiway Mining & Technology College is proud to bring mining stakeholders from the country and around the globe for two days Conference and Exhibitions to introduce, inform and expose investors in mining and related industries to the unique opportunity this emerging mining sector provides in Kenya. The expertise on display will give participants access to the best and most innovative manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers who all have ideas and solutions to mine related issues.

What to expect

At the event, you will be exposed to an accelerated learning environment that can only takes place on the trade show floor.  You will come out of the Expo with a deeper appreciation of the mining industry, especially the new technologies, products and resources that are at your disposal. Whether a long time investor or a new-comer to the mining industry, there is something to learn from some of renowned local and international companies that have been in this business for years.


You will have an opportunity to join renowned experts for conference sessions, networking and exhibition events that will expose you to new people, new businesses and new ways of thinking about your own operations. Students from various universities and colleges in Kenya will showcase their entrepreneurial and research skills as they compete for scholarships, presenting you with an opportunity to identify and recruit local talent needed to steer your business to future success.